Lunarian Thoughts

You should not want
for a love like mine.

For mine is the result
of a thousand loves
that spanned the course
of history.
Do you really think
that one lifetime
will be enough for me?
My love will consume you
in a spectacular flare
of cosmic proportions.
You will find galaxies
spiraling in the depths
of my sapphiric irises
and as your eyes fixate
upon my pupils,
a cataclysmic eclipse
beaming forth from each socket
will render you immobile,
for you have never seen the heavens
as close as you see it now.
My hands will reach for yours
bridging the void between light years
and lifetimes
and gravity will do its best
to keep us apart
but I cannot be stopped.
Our fingers lace into one another
fabricating divine constellations
as stars burst from your moonlit freckles.
My lips will graze yours
and there,
just for a…

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